Full Mouth Restorations

Full Mouth Restorations in Sandpoint at Pine Street Dental

From bridges and crowns to implants or traditional dentures, Pine Street Dental is an excellent resource for patients pursuing comprehensive dental restorations. For each patient we serve, we create customized care paths aimed at refining and renewing your smile. Modern dentistry, when combined with the expertise of our professional dental caregivers, culminates in beautiful, natural-looking restorations that will improve dental health, functionality and confidence. 

Case by Case Analysisfull mouth restorations in Sandpoint

Every patient’s needs are different. Our dentists know how to assess the various elements of each individual’s oral ecosystem, including dental, periodontal (gum-related) and orthodontic factors. When appropriate, we collaborate with or refer patients out to dental specialists from our network. 

Planning Our Way to Patient Satisfaction with Comprehensive Treatment

When it comes to full mouth restorations, our practice in Sandpoint, Idaho places a large emphasis on careful front-end planning. We develop logical care paths for our patients designed to save time and money. For example, we may find it’s in the patient’s best interest to combine various restorative techniques with cosmetic results - we may recommend the placement of crowns on the back teeth of the upper jaw combined with bridge-supported restorations on the bottom jaw, or any other combination of techniques to suit the patient’s budget and expectations. 

Doing More with Dental Implants

Dental implants are often an invaluable component to successful full mouth restorations. Implants are more stable than dentures, reducing risks of slippage. Implants also, by emulating the tooth’s root, serve to strengthen and stabilize the jaw bone. Dental implants can be used in a multitude of innovative restorative procedures, such as the All-On-Four restoration, which facilitates the permanent placement of a full upper or lower jaw denture using only four implants.

Implants are, of course, not always the best solution for every patient. In addition to implant-based restorations, we also incorporate crowns, bridges, and traditional dentures where appropriate.  

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